Saturday, 28 December 2019

Our apologies for the late proclamation, as the announcement for the Kanji Character of the Year—under the auspices of the scholastic organization Kanji Aptitude Test Foundation, based in Kyoto—is writ large in bold calligraphy on the portico of a historic temple every 12 December (previously), but it is still an annual superlative worth reflection.
Maybe we will remember to watch for it next time it comes around.  Jured from a variety of sources including people’s choice, the character 令 (pronounced rei) was selected. It’s primary meaning is order but harking back to the abdication and enthronement of a new emperor with a new era, Reiwa, we are also reminded that it can connote beautiful harmony, which one can hope is not just a record of the year that’s passed but also a portend of the year to come.