Saturday, 28 December 2019

visitor count

Courtesy of Gizmodo, we are referred to a register of pages ranked, rated and annotated that Wikipedia users have visited over the past year.
Over a quarter of a trillion inquiries were logged for 2019 and moderators have stretched out that list out to its top five-thousand topics (the very last place still netted one million two-hundred thousand page views). The very top-tier most read articles—for the English language suite of sites at least but one wonders how that hegemony is exported and translated, mostly seem to by playbills, programmes and Cliffs’ Notes to help audiences better understand what entertainment that they just consumed.
Not only is it interesting to see on the expanded list that indelible mark of purple for a link visited as one scrolls through this list, it’s also an engrossing exercise to realise that one has perhaps not researched a particular figure or event further (on Wikipedia at least) which one hopes that they were better informed or should have been more curious about or those that stand out as utter mysteries and make one want to hover over it if not click through and glean more.