Friday, 27 December 2019

say what?

Though possibly more familiar to audiences as cover-version and originally debuting on their album Honey, the formative funk group Ohio Players’ hit single Love Roller-Coaster first topped the charts in North America on this day in 1975, remaining on the Top 40 list for weeks.
Though in line with the premise of the song that romance is like a thrill-ride, a seemingly errant though audible scream (heard around 01:24 of the single, about a minute later on this album version) has been a persistent source of urban legends since its release, ranging from a deadly recording studio mishap to the confession of guilty conscience. The scream was in reality voiced by keyboardist Billy Beck. The contributions of Beck, Leroy Bonner, James Williams and other members were recognised in 2013 with the group’s induction into the Rhythm and Blues Hall of Fame (matriculating as part of the inaugural class) in Cleveland.