Tuesday 2 April 2019

go ask your father

Our thanks once again to Coudal Partner’s Fresh Signals for recommending a reprised piece from Emma Marris that illustrates the reality of decision fatigue and hopefully engenders a lot of sympathy for parents and makes those who defer and delay choice—and answers what would you like for dinner with a question, a little ashamed as we should be.
To demonstrate the mental enervation and self-discipline that’s vanquished by a hundred small but deliberate judgement daily, Marris documented all the requests that her two children made to her in the course of a day that required a decision, answer and usually a strong justification.

Can I play on your phone until you wake up?

Will you make a creature on this kids’ app?

Can we have breakfast now?

Can we have waffles?

Can I use my own money to buy candy and ice cream at the corner store when we go to buy eggs to make waffles?