Sunday, 3 March 2019

mad men

Honoured as a laureate by the American Institute of Graphic Arts for his significant contributions to the field, the life and career of Alvin Lustig (*1915 - †1955) by complications of diabetes.
Lustig’s interests and acumen were not only restricted to designing book jackets and covers and magazine illustration but also to architecture, working with Victor Gruen on retail outlets, and interior design with a special emphasis on office spaces. His “Lustig Chair” made for Paramount studios was particular popular and inspires and informs retro-styles to this day. At the invitation of Joseph Albers, Lustig briefly taught at Black Mountain College. His wife and collaborator, Elaine Lustig Cohen (*1927 - †2016), was an accomplished artist, archivist and designer in her own right, sharing the same distinctions as her late husband and earning more over the course of her professional career.