Saturday, 2 March 2019

first congress of the comintern

On this day in 1919, delegates from around the world representing labour rights groups and revolutionary socialist movements gathered in Moscow, the newly designated capital of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic for a four-day summit to establish Communist International.
The Bolsheviks, led by Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky, Grigory Zinoviev and Joseph Stalin, were joined by left-leaning organisations from Germany, Denmark, the US, the UK, Australia, China and Japan. The ongoing Russian Civil War made publicising the meeting difficult as well as travel for sending-parties—with many in attendance not formal plenipotentiaries for the groups that they were representing—so after a bit of housekeeping, a follow up session to be held in the summer of 1920 in Petrograd was decided up on, with decisions on major structural matters and steering committee leadership deferred until then.