Sunday 15 July 2018


heliotrope: a crab-like robot-plant hybrid follows the sun to ensure its symbiont stays fully-charged, via Super Punch

everyone expects the spanish inquisition: FBI agent discredited for having political opinions while the controlling party of the US government ignores the fact that its electoral system is compromised

because I was not a trade-unionist: “The Hangman,” an animated short from 1964 that explores what can happen when no one is willing to stand up against evil

caviaั: to celebrate Russia’s hosting of the world cup, a German brewery makes “caviar” beer, via Coudal Partners

keep calm and carry on: the Queen has outlasted twelve US presidents and can certainly survive a pretender to the throne

town cube: sensational Japanese car designs from the 1990s, via Things Magazine

choreomania: a look back on the dancing compulsion that seized Strasbourg five hundred years ago