Sunday, 15 July 2018

hole number five is called fin me oot

Now apparently turned out of Castle Mayskull, the self-described consistent and (again) very stable genius is staying at his Scottish stronghold.
Trump (we’re giving this monster too much coverage but he deserves no peace) is unwelcome there as well, what with the PM revoking his status as a business and trade ambassador and a prominent Scottish university stripping him of his honorary degree well ahead of his latest conniption of reckless impolitic diplomacy. New Yorker correspondent takes a look at another one of Trump’s soi dissant titles, “the king of debt” through the lens of the dearly rehabilitated golf resort. What do you think? Outlays of over two-hundred million dollars (the biggest expenditure by far other than the campaign) of other people’s money have gone into this revenue-losing under-utilised venture, leaving a lot of unanswered questions about Trump’s business model and again who has leverage over him.