Wednesday, 4 October 2017


what you’re saying is called “internalized misogyny” face: McSweeney’s growing index of alternatives to resting bitch face

heartbreakers: Tom Petty’s daughter shares personal photographs and memories plus more tributes from Everlasting Blรถrt

escuela nacional de arte: the abandoned, unfinished architectural masterpieces of Cuba’s state art school campus

southern exposure: Ernest Shackleton entertained crew members during Scott’s expedition to the South Pole with an illustrated magazine, which reminded me of this other travelogue

airs on a shoestring: a growing cartographic representation of over fifteen hundred samples of musical genres, via Kottke

electric sheep: the eponymous Replicant bounty-hunters, Bladerunners, were named after a black-market healthcare system set in the imagined dystopic Manhattan of retro-future 2009