Sunday 27 November 2022

mахновщина (10. 340)

Established on this day in 1918 with the capture of Huliaipole, the home town in the region of Zaporizhzhia and later capital city of the stateless, anarchist society that existed under the aegis, protection of the revolutionary forces of Nestor Makhno, Makhnovshchina (Makhno’s Movement) was under the control of free soviet (unaligned with any party and encouraging workers to self-manage through direct democracy) and libertarian communes until the end of August 1921 when leadership was was forced into exile in Romania. Based on the theories of anarcho-communism, the anti-hierarchical network promoted a government based on popular assemblies and committees and a federated alliance within territories outside of the control of Bolsheviks. The banner of the coalition—white Cyrillic text on a black background—reads “Power breeds parasites. Long live the Anarchy!” Власть рождает паразитов. Да здравствует анархия!