Wednesday, 5 May 2021

your daily demon: buer

Ruling from this day through 9 May, this infernal president of the grimoire Pseudomonarchia Dรฆmonum and its appearance when the sun is in Sagittary and like his archer compatriots embraces some of the characteristics and conflation associated with Chiron, chief of the Centaurs, who taught moral and natural philosophy and revealed to humans the balm and bane of plants and herbs.

Buer, opposed by the angel Aladiah, also shares some of the mythology of Ixion, father of the Centaur race first pitied by Zeus, as a King Lear-like figure, and given a seat at the table of the gods but then cast out of Olympus for lusting after Hera. Zeus ordered Hermes to bound Ixion to a fiery wheel that was always spinning, wandering the heavens for eternity. This tenth spirit presents as an asterisk (*) or triskelion, this chimeric demon has the face and mane of a lion and five goat legs capable of motion in all directions and commands fifty legion.