Tuesday 30 March 2021

west coast sound

Through the biography of the once promising career of crooner Dane Donohue, the soi-disant lost prince of the genre, we find ourselves introduced to the classification of the very familiar broad musical category and aesthetic filed under Yacht Rock. This easy-listening, adult-contemporary playlist includes Christopher Cross’ emblematic song Sailing, Toto’s Rosanna, Poco, Santana, Steely Dan, REO Speedwagon and Donohue’s 1978 break-through hit Casablanca and focuses on themes exploring isolation, male loneliness and suburban mindsets—a significant departure from the protest anthems of the previous years and accidentally united by a class of performers who played into the genre. Learn more about Donohue and how his career as anthemic as it was was cut short at Narratively at the link up top.