Wednesday 31 March 2021

satan’s sneakers

While we don’t claim to comprehend exactly what is going on here, a string of double standards is underpinning the career of Nas X, in saying that his Country and Western song didn’t qualify for the genre (because of the identity of the artist) and now his music video tie-in with some unauthorised limited edition trainers, replete with pentagrams and other demonic symbolism plus the signature swoosh is painted with human blood has prompted the athletic shoe company to sue the artist and his collaborators, though an earlier edition of Jesus Shoes—white and containing holy water—didn’t raise the same level of objection over infringement. What do you think? More images at Dezeen at the link above, and we especially liked the attention paid to the shoebox—a collectors’ item itself I suppose with the detail from the lower half of Jan van Eyck’s (previously) Diptych with Calvary and Last Judgement (Diptiek met kruisiging en laatste oordeel) printed on the inside, with a warning from verse Matthew 25:41 inscribed along death’s head and wings Ite vos maledicti in ignem eternam—Go ye cursed into everlasting fire, which fits with all the other embedded messages and Easter eggs in the sneakers and associated video.