Sunday, 27 December 2020

Via ibidem, we are directed towards a modest proposal from Fast Company contributing correspondent Dylan Mulvaney suggesting that a mostly forgotten punctuation mark, the interrobang (see previously here and here), that had its moment in the mid-60s to early 70s might be enlisted as we go boldly, flummoxed into 2021 and might be due for a revival. What do you think? A well-placed Madison Avenue adman called Martin Speckter who represented some of the biggest corporations at the time also happened to be the editor of a trade paper called TYPEtalks and proposed in a March 1962 magazine article entitled “Making a New Point—Or How About That…” his pitch for a new punctuation mark, arguably the first in centuries, his versatile, emotive interrobang. What do you think? There’s quite a bit to be said for consistency for adoption and though added to typewriters back then and included in Unicode today so it’s at one’s disposal, but there’s also a bit of a touch of trying too hard to it.