Thursday, 24 December 2020

assassins’ creed or top-level domain

Occurring in Paris on this day—the third of Nivรดse IX (otherwise Christmas Eve, 1800)—the royalist plot of thee rue Saint-Nicaise to kill le Consulat of the Republic narrowly failed with Napoleon Bonaparte and his wife Josephine just barely escaping with their lives. In the late afternoon, the plotters had positioned their machine infernale and loaded it with gunpowder and ammunition as Napoleon proceeded to the opera to attend an oratorio by Joseph Haydn, whom reportedly slumbered during the ride and slept through the attempt on his life, whilst one unwitting co-conspirator and five by-standers were killed, afterwards insisting on attending the performance. This account later led Sigmund Freud to the conclusion as part of his psychological profile that the man was a sound-sleeper and dreamt of past battles, underminings that he had survived, thus cementing the idea that dreams—in the main—echo, correlate with wake-up calls in popular culture.