Tuesday, 27 October 2020

007 q2

In anticipation of the latest iteration of the James Bond franchise (originally slated to be in cinemas soon but now postponed until April 2021), Leica (previously) is offering a luxury, limited edition of its high-end, state-of-the-art Q2 model digital compact. The lens cap evokes the iconic opening title arrangement.
The Q refers to the sequential series designation that the manufacturer follows and not the Quartermaster character of the research and development division of Her Majesty’s Secret Service despite having all the whistles and bells. Though a fictionalization, the use of one letter pseudonyms for senior leadership was started by the intelligence branch’s first director Captain Sir Mansfield George Smith-Cumming—whom for the sake of expedience signed off with a C of green ink now by convention for “Chief” for the present office-holder.