Sunday 13 September 2020

spartari radio language

Though I was hoping for this to take a fun and unexpected turn into Polari rhyming slang, Carlos Spartari’s 1930s contribution radiotelephony procedure (also known as on-air protocol, the standard for communication over two-way transmissions to optimise clarity and reception probably best exemplified in NATO call signs and spelling alphabets) strikes at the same time as both overly fussy and demanding and as work of sheer genius in the field of constructed languages.
Meant for international use, Spartari’s proposal required neither listener nor receiver to learn a special grammar or jargon with all messages encoded and decoded in seven musical notes plus an eighth punctuation tone like solfรจge and even the nineteenth century universal auxiliary language Sol-Re-Sol based on the same scale. Learn more from our faithful antiquarian, J.F. Ptak’s Science bookstore, at the link up top.