Thursday, 28 May 2020

bubble wand

For a few weeks now I had been wondering if creating a force field of soap bubbles or frothy foam might not disable viruses lingering in the air but fretted over the diversion of resources and efficacy versus the very real promoter of effective behavioural shifts in gamification and dressing up, accessorising—and while there still might be elements of window-dressing and gimmickry in some of these entrants in a sponsored competition, I liked how the idea was championed as a way to reframe hygiene in a society learning to deal and cope with COVID. Other honourable mentions included a clever doorbell that dispensed a dollop of hand sanitiser for arriving visitors, proposals for public washing-up stations and disinfectant doses encapsulated in a seaweed membrane so as not leave plastic litter. Learn more about the call for submission from Dezeen at the link above and get inspired yourself.