Thursday, 20 February 2020

quid pro quo-so little time, so much to know

Though the White House vehemently denies the claim and only knows the messager as an ex-congressman from California, a member of Julian Assange’s defence team, during a preliminary hearing at the Magisterial Court of Westminster, intimates that his client was visited by Trump cheerleader and noted Russian apologist Dana Rohrabacher while still given sanctuary at the Ecuadorian Mission to the UK back in 2017 at Trump’s biding to offer ‘a pardon or some other way out’ if Mister Assange goes along with the administration’s counter-narrative and state that Russia had no involvement in breaking into the Democratic National Committee's services during the presidential campaign and releasing compromising emails.
Although the tranche of messages were published on the same WikiLeaks platform, the charges that the US government is levying against Assange predate the DNC hack and exposed systemic war crimes perpetrated evinced by diplomatic cables and communiques, and his attorneys are challenging his extradition to America to face charges and a potential prison term of one hundred and seventy-five years. Assange maintains that he will never reveal a source, neither confirming nor denying Russian participation, and that he would never address the public through a third-party emissary.