Thursday, 20 February 2020


Though many of the doors of diplomacy were already closed to him for his raving support for Trump's foreign policy priorities and business ties seen as some as meddling in internal affairs and was very much isolated in Berlin, to be rid of the US outspoken ambassador in any sense is a bit of a relief-wondering whom might be lurking in the wings to replace him.
Grenell (previously) now becomes the Acting Director of National Intelligence, with oversight of America's seventeen spy agencies, replacing another term-limited appointee to the post, Trump having shown his preference for this management flexibility when it comes to filling vacancies in his cabinet since temporary appointments do not require the confirmation of the Senate. Despite Trump's disdain for his intelligence apparatus, some members of the congressional committees on operational security contend that his lack of intelligence background and organisational leadership is quite alarming (qualifying solely by dint of his loyalty) and signals further erosion in public confidence for these institutions-especially since, reportedly somehow, Grenell will manage both jobs.