Thursday, 30 May 2019

would you like freedom fries with that?

One underestimates the mushy-headedness of the Trump regime and their oil baron cronies at one’s own peril now with the US Department of Energy trying to foist “freedom gas” on world markets—as opposed to Russia (setting the stage for the next fight) or Middle Eastern sourced fuel—since their shipments of liquefied natural gas contain “molecules of US freedom” as a bonus.
No one liked the midichlorians.  Moreover, this push for more exports to Europe is equated with America’s liberation of the continent during World War II and the subsequent Marshall Plan. Secretary Rick Perry stuck with his slogan even after reporters pointed out to him how the name smacked of “freedom fries” and “freedom toast” hurled as dumb insults at NATO partners who were unwilling to commit to what turned out to be a very much trumped up and unjustified pretence to invade Iraq.