Sunday, 13 January 2019

showboat diplomacy

Keen to prop up and perpetuate its own fracking industry, the US ambassador to Germany (previously) issued threat of sanctions for domestic companies involved in and supporting the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project.
It is feared that Germany would become too dependent on Moscow and the importance of energy-transit countries, like Ukraine, would have less influence in the region. Existing infrastructure with cosmetic modifications to the pilot-lights can be made to heat homes with hydrogen, rather than drilled natural gas, so I suspect it’s all a last, desperate ploy to hold on to a baronet in the end, sort of like fracking above. The warning of the ambassador, whose been quoted in the media as supportive of “empowering” the ascendancy of right wing governments in Europe and of academies that are “safe-spaces” for fostering hateful, small-mindedness are regarded as rather toothless and the German business sector thanks the ambassador for the public interruption of reading his tweets out loud—delivered in his own voice, like the man who appointed him who happens to be currently under investigation for being a Russian asset.