Tuesday, 17 July 2018

sphere of influence

While harbouring strong suspicions that Trump would compromise the office of presidency for personal gain all along, for him to reveal himself to be the Manchurian Candidate that American voters elected and have endured with precious little stint publicly and a puppet installed at the pleasure of Moscow was pretty arresting to witness.
Like his vacillating, disgusting comments that ought not have been tolerated in the fatal aftermath of a white supremacists rally, lauding “fine people on both sides,” the useful idiot betrayed his government in deference, appeasement to the words of a foreign adversary—unfortunately probably mooting the special council investigation’s ultimate findings and whether or not Putin is in possession of any incriminating material on Trump since it does not seem to matter and there couldn’t be anything worse than the dimwit has already expressed and done. Now the decisive question is whether America the client state, complacent and complicit, afforded the false dignities of the paraphernalia of independence reasserts itself in the face of tyrannies that are far nimbler and without the ballast of the framework of limitations and protections and responsibilities put in place to prevent abuse and ransom.