Wednesday, 16 August 2017

very fine people on both sides

Trump’s lie-filled, unhinged tirade that passed as a press-conference taking reporters’ questions after delivering a few prepared remarks on the state of US infrastructure (“We’re like a third-world country.”) is indefensible and for those who hadn’t already caught on further evidence of the urgent imperative to dislodge him and his entire regime, but please do not allow Trump to make what transpired over the weekend about himself.
This does affect all of us, but the events that transpired are not about how not all white people are bigots nor how not all Trump supporters are white supremacists—that’s the same sophistry of moral relativism that Trump and his handlers have used to re-craft his stance. The mixed-messaging is revolting but we already had strong suspicions about Trump’s character and that he harboured such sentiments and even a resolute denouncement would probably reveal itself to be less than genuine. There is blood on his hands, assuredly, but the fact that his natural constituency is comprised of such an angry, disaffected mob bearing tiki-torches is the issue at hand, and as much as we’ve drilled to withstand the forces of hate and rabid nationalism when confronted with this raw, unmediated and stultifying meltdown, we are unsurprisingly are ill-equipped to frame.  Shock and shame are not to be conflated with surrender or acculturated normalcy.