Sunday, 8 July 2018

it happens again and again, like the sunrise

A series of entries from marginal illustrations of a 1922 collection of southwestern Native American folktales prompted us to dig a bit deeper to discover an interesting anthology of Pueblo parables and myths gathered for a young girl with an insatiable appetite for a good story, sort of a Scheherazade character.  
Taytay’s Tales (being the grandfather who most often is the one to impart this oral tradition down to the next generation) feature dozens of Hopi and Pueblo stories retold with analysis by ethnographer Elizabeth Willis De Huff (in a fairly enlightened way for the time) and illustrated with the help of two young Hopi natives, Fred Kabotie (whose Indian name is the title) and Otis Polelonema. All the stories and pictures are available to peruse at the link above.