Friday 11 May 2018

intern’yet or press “like” to help jesus win

Earlier this week, Democratic party members of the US House of Representatives obtained and released a cache of some thirty four hundred targeted advertisements produced and distributed by the Kremlin-backed Internet Research Agency via social media giant Facebook and Instagram. While I will admit that none of us (not just the American voters) are immune to the architecture of choice and propaganda and that ignorance and churlishness leveraged are force-multipliers, it is a sobering reminder how pathetic the counter-messaging was and how vulnerable we’ve allowed our democratic institutions to become and how through our neglect, we risk to lose them forever. Elections and inaction has consequences, and I suppose now the question is not who was to blame (everyone is) but whether we who were careless are yet redeemable and whether we might one day be able to restore civil society and get back our on-line privileges. Though we don’t always recognise it, we’ve been on restriction for quite some time.