Friday 11 May 2018

geocentric or keeping up appearances

Via Open Culture and through the medium of rather beautiful star charts that rallied against the Copernican revolution that unseated the Earth as the centre of the Cosmos, we met the adherents of Muggletonianism.
The namesake of Lodowicke Muggleton, championed by his cousin John Reeve—tailors both—the sect started in 1651 London (Muggleton was styled as the last prophet as foretold in the Bible) as a refutation of scientific method, philosophical discourse and conversely did not believe in sermonising (a self-described, most disorganised religion) or that there was any sort of divine intervention until God choose to destroy the world, though infamously, they practised public praise and denunciation, believing that they could reduce one’s social standing with a curse. Their maps (there is a more extension gallery plus links to other resources to be found at the source up above) and cosmological hierarchy may have influenced the style of William Blake.