Saturday 14 April 2018

warmongering or operation desert stormy

Though we are just four months into 2018 and we don’t have comparable figures for comparison from the UK and France, as opposed to the fifteen-thousand Syrian migrants fleeing their war-torn country that the US helped resettle in 2016, this year the US has only welcomed eleven.
It strikes me as beyond cruel insult in this proxy war that millions are caught in the middle of to condemn the killing of civilians and respond by raining down death and destruction yet offer those trying to escape the violence little to no support or recourse—not to mention arming opposing regional factions and increasing sectarian strife. Targeting sites linked to the Assad regime’s chemical weapons programme, military facilities were avoided to prevent the possibility of collateral damage to Russian assets. Twice the amount of missiles were used in this mission compared to last April’s response to a chemical weapons attack. Some two thousand American troops are stationed in opposition Kurdish-controlled northern Syria—for good measure. This stunt also happens to coincide with the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s former boss who was fired by Trump publishing a rather damning bombshell account of his dealings with Trump and under the direction of the independent counsel, the FBI has raided the offices of one of Trump’s lawyers, possibly securing irreconvertibly incriminating evidence of wrong-doing behind the campaign and the election.