Wednesday, 10 May 2017

campaign of paper terrorism

Chillingly, Dear Leader has fired Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) director James Comey, citing via social media and through his majordomo returned after an extended leave of absence on the grounds of the director’s mishandling of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server for work emails whilst Secretary of State. Decried by Republicans and Dear Leader for his initial assessment in the summer of 2016 that the disposition of her communications while not advisable, Clinton’s actions resulted in no breech of national security.  Lordy, then the director infamously choose to reopen the investigation weeks ahead of the November election on the basis of new evidence.
Though the investigation ultimately reaffirmed the initial judgment, that decision along with Russian interference potentially cost Clinton the election. In the first few months of his reign, Dear Leader praised Comey—and unlike other appointments that were hold-overs from the past administration that were dismissed for questioning the legality of his decrees or probing into Dear Leader’s business associations, the director continued to serve at his pleasure and praised for his long record of faithful service. To ensure that the FBI has a degree of independence, the bureau’s directors are appointed to a ten-year tenure and have been mostly considered untouchable—like many of the career bureaucrats that make up the permanent government. Dear Leader is trying to dismantle that support system, denigrating civil servants—especially those with the courage of conviction to stand up and oppose him. This will not be the end of Dear Leader’s purge because no elected officials in the ruling party dare cross their constituency and this cowardice trickles down, making those who would resist reluctant and unwilling to risk their livelihoods. Dear Leader is calling for an end to the investigation over Russia’s meddling and pattern of destabilisation and will surround himself with more supplicants and sycophants to ensure that his tinpot dictatorship is glorious and eternal one.