Sunday 25 February 2018

turn-down service

As if it were some heroic, historic re-enactment of the evacuation of the US Embassy in Saigon, a team of hotel executives at a Trump-branded property in Panama (which was surely disparaged as a less than optimal place of origin for migration) are apparently barricaded in an office and are shredding files, as Super Punch reports, refusing to concede defeat in an ownership dispute with another developer that has a controlling-share of the dismally unutilised building.
The squabbling continues—including turf-battles which include cutting off the power and communications to the opposing side—amid ongoing litigations between the two parties. The Panamanian courts have not yet interceded, though their hand may be forced so, with this room-to-room threatening to escalate and Trump’s backers apparently destroying records. If Trump is not recognised as the legitimate ruler (it looks like he is not) of this one building and will go to these extremes over a hotel where no one is staying, one wonders what kind of dangerous tantrum might ensue over a real territorial dispute and constitutional crisis. Arguably, we’re already soaking in it.