Thursday, 8 June 2017

junket or gas-food-lodging

Dear Leader’s spawn have reaffirmed the family’s contempt and disinterest in reaching out to those who disagree violently with his world-view and actually governing an entire country and no just a dwindling minority by literally dehumanising those allied with the Democratic party and yet they’ve concocted a plan to bring their trademark to the underclass in the form of a chain of budget-friendly hotels (EN/DE).
Calling the franchise, which will surely be built by re-branding existing structures, American Idea they intend to distinguish the chain with that sort of affected atmosphere of that’s slathered on the walls of other chains of family-friendly restaurants and sports bars with antique artefacts intended to evoke American greatness. Apparently, they saw this market-gap whilst on the road campaigning for their father and found available accommodations to be lacking. There’s no word yet on whether these family properties will be afforded the same expensive security detail that his upscale buildings are and what working-class communities might have to sacrifice in their budgets to pay to guard some tacky motel, nor what a low-wage nightmare it might be working in such an establishment. For someone whose narcissism can’t be placated by becoming the president of the United States, one has to wonder about Dear Leader’s sense of hospitality.