Wednesday, 10 January 2018

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Bowing to pressure from the interview subjects of the firm that was retained by first a conservative publication and then by the Clinton campaign to conduct oppositional research on Trump who insisted that their sworn testimony be made a matter of public-record, panel member Senator Feinstein released the full transcript of the Judiciary Committee’s dialogue with the strategic intelligence group responsible for compiling the infamous and damning dossier on Trump’s ties to Russia.
While many of the allegations levied against Trump and his cohorts have already been independently corroborated (with disappointingly little incriminating impact) and much of the material contained therein was procedural boiler-plater, the release of the transcript, which was strongly opposed by Republican members of the investigation, does discredit one central tenant of the conspiracy narrative that Trump and his supporters are weaving: that the Federal Bureau of Investigations is biased against Trump and that the dossier was a politically-motivated fabrication. The FBI was in fact looking into Trump run for presidency and his business-dealings, the documents reveal, well before the file was pieced together and the FBI was even warned by the former-spy gathering background on Trump and associates and the bureau believed that at least some of the reporting was credible. There is no witch-hunt.  The entity responsible for leaking the story to the press is unknown. What stands out to you? Possibly no amount of evidence could convince some of collusion but perhaps with the claims of conspiracy on the part of the FBI somewhat defanged, perhaps now the inquiry can continue unfettered.