Friday, 12 May 2017

justice served or benedict donald

In case one needs further reminders that elections have consequences no matter how bleakly the opposition is presented and another scolding lesson in civics, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III has taken a break from conducting job interviews for the next (interim) FBI director (and I thought the US Attorney General had recused himself from all aspects touching Russia, so I suppose that diminishes the applicant pool considerably) to issue instructions to the Justice Department and the federal court system to ratchet up sentencing for criminal offenses to the highest magnitude that the law allows.

This means throwing the book at young people for truly victimless charges of drug-possession and ruining lives needlessly and growing the population of people incarcerated—one that already surpasses the rest of the world’s jails combined. Relaxed, mature cultural attitudes are pushed to the fringes, protest rendered inviable and loyalties gauged. Many are anticipating the American mid-term elections of 2018 and the chance for the Democrats to wrest back control of the legislative branch and the backlash against the Republican collaborators, but that date is a long way away and I don’t think that America, under Dear Leader, will survive such a long assault. Let us hope that the Attorney General will one come to rue giving such a directive once he and his cronies are on the receiving end of the law.