Tuesday, 5 December 2017


modernistmas: a collection of modernist gingerbread architecture

wizard sniffer: the stellar rise in popularity of the interactive, choose-your-own-adventure fiction, via Waxy

domo arigato: the international robotics exposition in Japan

the jones act: GOP tax reform levies a twenty percent tariff on goods manufactured in Puerto Rico

payload: to demonstrate his new, reusable rocket’s mettle, Elon Musk will apparently launch his own Tesla Roadster into orbit around the Sun, extending out as far as Mars

the clanking of the chains that jacob marley forged in life: soundtracks for Melania Trump’s festive White House

lb&scr e2 class: extreme stunts with a Thomas the Tank Engine playset

we’ll be having a wonderful christmas time: Sir Paul McCartney’s lost experimental 1965 album was meant to be a present to his bandmates