Saturday, 21 October 2017


Back in August, National Public Radio’s Fresh Air had a programme with veteran reporter Philip Shenon about the then quickly approaching decision deadline on the declassification of some thirty-six hundred previously unseen documents on the assassination of US president John Fitzgerald Kennedy and the subsequent Warren Commission charged with conducted the official investigation into the incident and the possible repercussions of full disclosure.The episode is worth revisiting.
Apparently—though things are certainly primed and ready for change and there are already voices urging caution—Trump has decided to authorize the release whose statute was prompted with legislation passed a quarter of a century earlier after film-maker Oliver Stone’s adaptation JFK revived many dormant conspiracy theories as well as inciting new ones. The guest journalist had reason to suspect that the files would show a degree of dereliction and willful lethargy on the part of intelligence agencies to act to protect the president and show that the assassination could have been prevented—reflecting badly on the FBI and the CIA and the notion of the deep state, a figment of the nationalists the support Dear Dotard, which can surely be, if the outcome of pouring over this cache of new information does in fact lend credence to this argument, manipulated as an indictment against them despite the fact that they’ve had fifty-four years to repent and learn from their mistakes, plus the fact fact the timing is beyond accidental. I don’t know and feel the chance to get closer to the truth about a turbulent time for America and the world should not just be couched in our dumb present, but I strongly suspect that it’s a forgone conclusion that the revelations will be sadly used to bolster the megalomaniacal notion that this narrative is the consequence of some awful destiny that Dear Dotard is supposed to deliver or rather distract us from. Considering the company he keeps and as much as the fringe take to pandering, Thursday’s news may go beyond a condemnation of government institutions and respect for law and more towards the shameless indulgence and captivation of hypotheses that reach beyond, including how Trump went so far as to implicate the father of one of his rivals (and not he is undeserving of any sympathy but still…) during the campaign of playing a direct role in the act. Watch for what antics get buried in the news cycle but please don’t let the importance and solemnity of this moment be absorbed by the present tragicomedy that America has become.