Sunday, 22 October 2017

catalogue raisonné

We enjoyed reading how Dear Dotard is nearly as touchy about the originality of his painting by Impressionist Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Les Deux Sœurs (The Two Sisters) as he is about his taxes, charitable giving, inaugural crowd size, etc.
Though perhaps a bit less vocal about this matter of contention, he will nonetheless rehash the argument with anyone who’ll listen that his is indeed the original and despite the curators’ certainty of the provenance of the work hanging in the gallery of the Art Institute of Chicago. A copy in the artist’s hand is not inauthentic but we’re not even sure if that’s the case because no expert has been allowed to examine it and the ongoing pettiness though unsurprising is nauseating just like all of his other unsubstantiated boasts. We wonder, if it proves ultimately to be a fake, some huckster didn’t appeal to Dear Leader’s vanity like Dutch master forger Henricus van Meegeren who was nearly executed for treason for selling Nazis the country’s heritage and national treasure in the form Vermeer artwork—except that van Meegeren redeemed himself as a hero for selling Nazis counterfeit Vermeers that he painted himself. That seems a fitting outcome for a phoney presidency who’s done nothing but attack the arts, humanities and science.