Tuesday, 15 August 2017


Remarkably on this day nine distant years ago, PfRC began as a little travelogue. Still wanting for a theme and some direction some four thousand posts later, we hope to continue making it worth your while to visit for years to come. Here are our top ten most viewed posts of all-time for your consideration, the rankings possibly being somewhat skewed due to gentle vandalism (or shameless self-promotion) but such is the architecture of things on-line, we suppose:

10: a recipe for a vegetarian shawarma sandwich

9: a collection of links from April of 2017

8: discovering the Germanic Yuletide demon and friends

7: civic disengagement does not correlate with religiosity

6: a Russian parking garage employs holograms to discourage able-bodied drivers from occupying handicapped spaces

5: the tenants of ´pataphysics and its discontents

4: socio-realism in art movements

3: a periodic table of typefaces

2: some office-place ephemera of the Satanic panic of the 1980s

 1: a collection of links from November 2011

Thanks for stopping by and making this hobby an enriched and rewarding experience.  Please stay tuned for continued curiosities and adventures.