Friday 2 June 2017

corona radiata

Our faithful chronicler Doctor Caligari informs that among other happenstance for this date, Queen Elizabeth II had her coronation ceremony in 1953, an event broadcast for the first time to a home audience.  Even though the technology for replaying the event did not then and does not now really exist, the BBC had the foresight to record it in three-dimensions for posterity. The queen’s reign presided over the terms of fourteen prime ministers from Sir Winston Churchill (vested in Parliament by Queen Victoria) to Theresa May. One hundred and sixty years prior to the accession of Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Mountbatten, the French Revolution and the Reign of Terror took place and in between in 1924, the United States of America magnanimously grandfathered in Native Americans as US citizens under president (the Queen has seen eleven of them come and go) Calvin Coolidge’s Indian Citizenship Act, though most weren’t granted suffrage or universal recognition until decades later.