Tuesday, 16 May 2017

i have great intel—i have people brief me on great intel every day

In a move that potentially poisons its own diplomatic and intelligence wells, when Dear Leader welcomed the Russian foreign minister and the ambassador to the US into the Oval Office for a closed-door meeting he used the session to apparently brandish to the assembled company highly classified material that had been relayed to the US by a partner state.
On a high enough level of course the whole world is united against the Cosplay Caliphate and their ilk, but in the Syrian proxy war, Russia and the American allies have very different objectives. Dear Leader is demonstrating a willingness, apparently (it’s a matter of speculation since reporters familiar with the conversation have withheld details to prevent further damage to national security), to share more with individuals with an adversarial stance than with tried and true associates. Compromised or otherwise, Dear Leader with this stunt and lack of reprimand by Republican politicians jeopardises future information exchange from sources that did not want its identity revealed to the Russians.