Monday, 8 May 2017

enfant dรฉplorable ou clutching at straws, clutching at pearls

The world owes a huge debt of gratitude for halting the march of destabilisation of democracy in rejecting a platform based on fear and xenophobia in favour of an untested (though very much of the same pedigree of the political establishment) candidate whose youth and non-partisanship was last seen with Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte III, plus for resisting the urge to turn inward despite having borne the brunt of recent terror attacks. Emmanuel Macron’s En Marche!, as with the Front nationale, is an outlier of the political parties that had traditional governed France and the results of the first run-off were uncomfortably close, and though the newcomer won by a decisive margin and has a mandate for the direction he wants to take the country.
I am also certain, however, that the transfer of power will be less than absolutely peaceable, owing the tyranny that’s already been unleashed on the world and the upcoming rounds of parliamentary elections that might also reject conventional narratives, since after all there was a not insignificant number of voters that supported Le Pen—quipping just before her defeat that the Republic would be inevitably ruled by a woman: “either herself or Angela Merkel”—and voter-turn out even with so much at stake was historically low with many feeling disenfranchised and disengaged with politics altogether. The last minute breach and release of potentially incriminating campaign documents was a grasping ploy that was diffused and that along with other incidents engineered to either overtly or covertly affect the outcome of the race that failed illustrate how social engineering has the traction that we give it. Even fake news, regardless of the amount that the recipient wanted to be it to be true, was rebuffed with a shrug of resignation—not because the French are jaded or expect less from their leaders, but because response is a measured one, not determined by political machines whose gears are often jammed in translation. No amount of messaging, surrogacy and propaganda trumps education and advocacy. Vive la France!  Vive l’Europe!