Saturday 18 March 2017

the power of the purse or wait, wait—don’t cut me

Though presidential budgets are more of a publicity stunt to reaffirm policy commitments than working financial plans because it is the legislature that controls spending and many of the programmes and agencies have weathered great austerities of past regimes, Dear Leader may unfortunately get his way and enact the scorched-earth dismantling of bureaucratic protections that his svengalis want. Here is a selection of some the named initiatives targeted for elimination via the Washington Post—though with the caveat that many more, hinted at may be waiting in the gallows:

Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARAP working in close collusion with DARPA) E-branch—funding research into alternative energy
Corporation for Public Broadcasting—helps fund PBS, NPR plus other local, independent and commercial television and radio stations
Endocrine Disruptor Screening Programme—helps ensure that pesticides and other chemicals are not dangerous to humans and the environment
Institute of Museum and Library Services—providing grants for museums, libraries, zoos and parks
McGovern-Dole Food for Education Programme—providing subsidised or free lunches for poor school children
Woodrow Wilson International Centre—a foreign policy think-tank

Find the current, complete list at the link to the Post story above plus find further resources to learn about each programme, whilst they are still around.