Sunday, 12 February 2017

a for effort

Following that timeless adage—those who can, do; those who can’t, become the new Education Secretary—Bob Canada’s Blogworld commemorates (read bemoans) the contentious appointment of Amway-heiress and enemy of public schools Betsy DeVos to the White House cabinet, for whom the vice-president had to intervene in the senate and cast the tie-breaking vote (yet another first for this administration), by grading one of her recent missives. I realise that we are all prone to gaffs and typos and fugue states and the obligatory platforms and the preferred method of communicating within the regime is not quite the most conducive format for cultivating the best diction and style, but Ms DeVos doesn’t seem like she’s even trying, which is pretty paradoxically since she looks like the one in the crowd to implore, “Won’t someone think of the children.” Show your work, Betsy.