Tuesday, 22 November 2016

the great dictator

As if we aren’t already living in times fraught with chilling and terrifying things, Paleofuture—with a bit of digging—uncovers the reductio ad Hitlerum and finds that the pledge to make Germany great again was indeed uttered sometime prior to the year 1934 by the chief mover and shaker of the moment.
The farewell tour of the incumbent included Obama passing the mantle of protector of the free-world to his counter-part in the person of the chancellor.  Without drawing parallels as nationalist movements tend to resolve the fact that despots are elevated to power not because but rather despite of (or excused for) their less digestible views, quite enough scary things are being proffered in the here and now, threatening to erode the precious progress that American and the world has made for peaceable and responsible co-habitation.