Saturday, 6 August 2016


We found Tintagel to be very mystical indeed and had our imagination inspired, but the newly uncovered archaeological evidence that might lend more credence to the legend was quite welcome developments as well, as Mental Floss informs.
Careful excavations conducted in mid-July on a previously unexplored hillside have found the massive foundations of palace walls and other artefacts (befitting the elite) that date to the fifth or sixth centuries, more in line with the timeline attributed to the Arthurian Romance (the medieval ruins that adorn the promontory are too new and ironically the main site overlooks the so-called “Merlin’s Cave,” an attraction that caused some to criticise the site’s caretakers as pandering to the simple-minded), are causing scholars to re-examine assumptions about the myth—perhaps like finding Troy not so long ago. The work was just completed and the researchers have a lot of evidence to sift through and assess.