Wednesday, 1 June 2016

new testament

An individual, identified only as the cool dude with sunglasses smiley, has translated all sixty-six books of the King James version of the Bible into emojis, targeted towards the Millennial demographic—found on Kottke’s Quick Links.
I am not certain if this gospel was encoded in response declining rates of church attendance all around—for the first time in history, reportedly, more people are agnostic rather than religious in any form, but I am not sure that this will bring about a revival, not that it was bidden and need that was going unfilled. Apparently, the critical reception has been on the whole a balanced one with some reviewers surprised to find that the strings of hieroglyphs are overly tedious and there’s some praise-worthy and innovative translations to be found—but I wonder whether it’s more in deference to the word-craft (which I hope is preserved across different operating systems) rather than the message. Maybe it’s fitting that the first printed work in the Western tradition was also the Bible and is now subject to this treatment, and we’ve taken millennia to progress from logograms to an alphabet but are now returning with rapt interest. What do you think?