Sunday, 12 June 2016


Incredibly, it has taken one major banking consortium a whole six years to tender a breach of copyright case against another bullying bulwark of telecommunications.
After both companies were granted too big to fail status and bailed out by tax-payers (and merrily we roll along) and the plaintiff (the banksters) were accorded a special gift from the US Patent Office for all their inconvenience in the form of a grant for a dubious trademark on the universal expression of gratitude of “thanks”—or rather “thankyou” since one cannot claim common words as intellectual property, and hence all the halcyon, word-like trade names in the pharmaceutical industry. The banks want the telecommunications company to stop using similar language in its marketing, though it’s not as if either company is at all grateful or gracious towards its customers, indentured servants. Of course, one cannot route for either party in this case and can only hope that the court dismisses it with prejudice and hold both sides in contempt for frivolity.