Thursday, 1 August 2013

survival and revival

Finally I had the chance to see the interior of the Ringkirche in the Rheingauvierteil. Like the Lutherkirche, this Grรผnderzeit (Founding Epoch) structure was built as part of the Wiesbadener Programme, to introduce anchor-protestant churches in communities of the newly annexed Duchy of Nassau by the kings and later emperors of Prussia, of the evangelic persuasion. The church was a favourite of Kaiser Wilhelm II. 
I did not want to take many pictures of the interior, as I was being given a tour by another very house-proud church-lady, but there were some very fine, art nouveau elements and murals. Pausing for a few moments in that big space was also very serene.
The church's architect, Johannes Otzen, designed many impressive and keystone monuments, like this church in the Leipzig neighbourhood of Plagwitz that we visited earlier in the year.  The factory-community itself, on the banks of the White Elster, is a product of the Founding Epoch, characterised by a boom in manufacturing that grew municipalities to meet the demands of the Industrial Revolution and shift to urban and urbane living.