Thursday, 2 May 2013

hamster dance

On the last day of April twenty years ago, computer scientist in residence at the laboratories of CERN, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, gifted the world with the platform and language to host the internet—or rather the W3 as the world-wide-web was then known as. The original web page propagated to the public on that day has lapsed out of existence, but CERN has faithfully reproduced this exponential catalyst—really a patchwork of intranets and other projects released to the public, as an important look back at the sophisticated and hopeful origins of revolution.
Maybe this curation, including the earliest software and hardware and a retrospective study on the nature of legacy itself, will help the intent, of open dialogue and no claims of ownership on the medium (not something jealously guarded by an antiquated studio system and stubborn mandates) and aspirations to change society in positive ways not yet realised but maybe already anticipated, also to avoid lapsing and being taken for granted.