Saturday, 14 July 2018

l.a. looks or magic sharker

From our friends at Lewis & Quark (a.k.a. AI Weirdness, previously), we discover what results when a neural network is given the task of naming bespoke nail polish colours, with the help of a group of manicure enthusiasts contributing their name collection to the cause. Via my OED subscription earlier this week, I learnt that in 1999 a new portmanteau was put forward in the form of artilect, from artificial and intellect, but never really caught on.  Should we do something about that?  In any case, some of our favourites (many with a rather inexplicable gothic bias) included:

  • Ink Flame
  • Bloshing Glip
  • Batberry
  • Space Holly
  • Fire Splat
  • Murder Earth
  • Gold Be Tangeling
  • Social Mace
  • Twilight Mashery

Be sure and visit the site to see more and learn about the machine learning methodology and to even order a few select nail polishes named by their AI.