Wednesday, 12 April 2017


While I am certain that James Danforth Quayle made a lot of gaffs during his four year stint as US vice president, we only remember him for misspelling a type of tuber publicly for some reason and lambasting Murphy Brown for her indictment on the institution of marriage by having a child out of wedlock.
We shouldn’t be nostalgic for those days. The present administration ought to be afforded by history only a couple of indelible moments, but incredibly and uncharitably the awkward, ham-fistedly dishonest spokes-office has been unrelenting. After betraying a general ignorance and disdain for history by not knowing who social-reformer Frederick Douglass was during Black History Month, defending rapists on sexual assault awareness day (plus being a sexual predator himself), with surpassing irony—during Passover—Dear Leader’s first trumpet, in an attempt to portray the Syrian leader as the worst individual in all of human history (or rather that Dear Leader was not Russia’s puppet), made an awful and inaccurate analogy. “You had someone as despicable as Hitler who didn’t even sink to using chemical weapons.” (EN/DE) Jesus wept.  After realising the outrage that his omission caused (or perhaps the regime considers Zyklon B gas a form of aromatherapy), the chief spokesman produced an equally awful wreck of an apology, referring to Nazi extermination camps as a “Holocaust Centre.”